Websites/Products/Blogs I love

Here is a list of websites and products I like to use, and that you might find useful.

Cooking On A Bootstrap – Man, this girl. She’s inspiring. I watched her youtube video years ago and finally found her website. She can show you how to cook for pennies. Even if you have no interest in cooking, check out her video to hear her heartbreaking story about struggling to feed her son. You can also get her book Cooking on a bootstrap: Over 100 simple, budget recipes.

Quidco (UK)- Earn cashback on online purchases. I managed to receive a £35 cashback on my car insurance this year. Since it’s already something I need to pay for, any cashback is a bonus. However, never buy stuff you don’t need, even if the deal seems good! Remember the classic quote. “If a $100 item is on sale for $75, you did not save $25, you spent $75“.  Unfortunately, it takes some time to get paid but I just see it as a bonus  when a cashback is eventually confirmed.

Moneysavingexpert (UK)- Gotta love me some Martin, man. If I need to know the latest cash offers available for switching banks, or find a savings account with a decent interest, this is the place.

This list is ever growing and as I find more interesting things to share I will post them here, so make sure to check back in!

Disclaimer: some links are affiliate links and I can earn a small commission. I would never recommend anything for the sake of making money. If I do not love it, and I don’t think it would benefit you, I do not link it. Simple as that.